Police, Fire, Medical

A safe living, learning, and working environment is our highest priority at Grand Valley.

Our commitment focuses on prevention, awareness, education, and response. A robust program of resources and personnel are maintained to support these efforts, as well as, strong partnerships with community agencies and organizations to offer extended and external support.

Services & Resources

Register for the GVSUAlert! 紧急通知系统 用于文本或语音提醒(在 添加到GVSU电子邮件帐户的自动警报).

Whenever an emergency occurs that affects the university community, wnysjsq.com/emergency will be updated with the most current and confirmed information.

Create a Smart911 profile to help dispatchers obtain the information they need to help you quickly in an emergency.

GVPD provides a Safewalk Program for on campus pedestrians. To request a Safewalk (Allendale Campus and Grand Rapids Campuses), call 616-331-3255.

Sign-up for the free Laker Guardian 移动安全应用程序与您的GVSU电子邮件(用于所有 university campuses).

学生,教师和工作人员可以乘坐任何 Rapid bus route 凭GVSU身份证免费领取.

GVPD配备了工具来帮助处理不可预见的车辆 complications on campus. 服务是免费的,包括:

  • Battery jump starts
  • Vehicle unlocks
  • 当地服务建议,以协助轮胎漏气

Call 616-331-3255 (Allendale Campus and Grand Rapids Campuses).

The GVPD active 射手回应资源 提供指导,个人谁 may be caught in an active shooter situation, and discusses how to 当执法部门回应时作出反应. 

GVSU is committed to being a safe and healthy environment for all. This includes students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors, 尤其是那些未成年人. 作为一所公立大学 everyone, the university welcomes children and teenagers on our campuses for a variety of programs and activities planned by the 大学或外部组织. 在任何情况下,成年人都是 expected to be positive role models for minors, acting in a respectful and responsible manner consistent with the mission and values of the university. 为了促进这一愿景,大学出版和 enforces policies, 有目标的程序、指导方针和资源 promoting health, safety, and security for minors on our campuses.


616-331-3255 (非紧急-每天24小时,每天7天 每周)-所有校园都使用这个号码
Public Safety Staff Directory & Email Addresses

Allendale Campus: 

  • 1011服务大楼(SER) - 11106 Service Dr, Allendale, MI 49401
  • 大堂时间:上午8点至下午5点(星期一至五))

Grand Rapids Campuses: 

  • 609 Watson St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504 (near the Winter Lot on the Pew Campus)
  • Police and/or Security are available at this location 24 hours a day; there is a phone in the main entrance to contact Dispatch. 

Whenever an emergency occurs that affects the university community, wnysjsq.com/emergency will be updated with the most current and confirmed information. This website also provides additional information for assistance during an emergency.


  • 800-249-0911(非紧急)

Grand Rapids Police Department Dispatch (Grand Rapids Campuses)

  • 616-456-3400(非紧急)

Reporting Incidents

Before Violation:  Submit 到GVSU匿名报告系统
Students, faculty, and staff may report planned activities in advance of a student violation of health policy via the existing GVSU Anonymous Reporting system hosted by an external compliance and ethics organization which coordinates with the GVSU Division of Legal, 合规和风险管理. 如果合适的话,法务部会继续进行 the complaint to both Dr. Aaron Haight and Dr. Andy Beachnau who will, 随后,确定行动(e).g. 个人外展或 businesses, referral to law enforcement) [Example: student reports rumor of a future event in violation of state limits on gathering sizes in a local apartment complex; GVPD is notified and DSA contacts the apartment complex]

During Violation: Call 911
Students, faculty and staff may report student violations of health policy already in 请拨打911要求立即响应. [Example: Ottawa County Sheriff is notified via citizen call and requests assistance from GVPD to investigate a party in an apartment complex; party is dispersed, police report is filed, and GVPD refers violations to the 学生行为及冲突解决办公室]

After Violation: Submit 学生行为和冲突解决办公室
Students, faculty and staff may refer student violations which have already occurred directly to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. [示例:教员提交社交媒体。 photo evidence of a party occurring the previous night; OSCCR 根据大学政策作出裁决]

All reports of social gatherings and parties in violation of state or local law will be shared by the Division of Student Affairs with relevant landlords, property owners, township and county health 人员和执法部门.

Local: 提交到渥太华县(电子邮件)或肯特县 (website) tip lines
任何公民,包括教职员工和 students - may report violations of COVID-19 state or local Executive Orders to the Ottawa 县留宿家庭留宿安全提示电子邮件 or via the Kent 县“提交投诉”举报表格 (see link (网站右侧).

Online Reporting

Incident reporting and referral forms for use by students, faculty, staff and community members (click for contact information):

GVSU Anonymous Reporting is available for 愿意向学校报告问题的个人 anonymously through a system hosted by a third-party provider.

The Grand Valley Police Department 提供紧急和紧急情况的电话号码 non-emergency reporting and offers assistance in filing a report and 通过法律程序提供支持:

  • Emergencies: 911
  • 大峡谷警察局: 616-331-3255
  • Detroit Center: 313-596-2200
  • 荷兰梅杰校区:  616-355-1100
  • 马斯基根区域中心: 231-777-0545
  • 特拉弗斯城区域中心: 231-995-1111

Silent Observer Ottawa 县(Allendale校区)

  • 877-88-SILENT (745368)
  • 877-887-4536
  • 文本“OCMTIP和信息”至274367(罪案)

Health & Well-Being

If you find yourself worried about the well-being of a GVSU student (a student in your class, someone you live with/near, someone in your 学生组织等.),我们鼓励你提交一份 CARE referral.

The University Counseling Center 提供短期的个人治疗和长期的团体治疗 对目前注册的GVSU学生免费. Urgent Situation or Crisis.

The Metro Health GVSU Campus Health Center 是提供全方位服务的校内健康中心吗 为GVSU的学生,教师和工作人员.

ENCOMPASS Employee Assistance Program (800-788-8630), coordinated by Human Resources Health & 健康,提供GVSU教师,员工和他们的 有免费咨询服务的家属.


Information about GVSU's entire COVID-19 response plan can be found at Lakers Together. 许多常见问题已被添加到 FAQ. 有关测试的信息可在 Data Dashboard. 如果您在搜索后仍有疑问 网站,你可以打电话给湖人团结呼叫中心.


If you have experienced interpersonal violence, consider these first steps: Victim 权利、选择权和资源手册

Victim Advocate:  凯莉·沃尔夫,受害者辩护律师

Office of Civil Rights and Title IX

  • Kevin Carmody, Title IX Coordinator
  • [email protected]
  • 616-331-9530
  • 4015 James H. Zumberge Hall (Allendale校区)
  • 工作时间:上午9点至下午5点
  • In the absence of the Title IX Coordinator, the Deputy Title IX 协调员承担所有第九条相关责任. Contact [email protected] or 616-331-9530.


保密咨询服务(学生): 大学心理咨询中心

  • 616-331-3266
  • [email protected]
  • 206学生服务中心
  • The 大学心理咨询中心 provides free and confidential help to GVSU students for a variety of personal and emotional 情况,包括性侵犯.

保密咨询服务(员工):  Encompass

  • 800-788-8630
  • The university's employee assistance program, Encompass, provides professional and confidential counseling to all employees and their household dependents.

医疗服务(护士检验服务): 中西部密西根女青年会

  • 616-776-RAPE (776-7273)
  • 25 Sheldon Blvd., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

医疗服务(护士检验服务): 韧性:倡导结束暴力 

  • 616-392-2829
  • 411 Butternut Dr., Holland, MI 49424
  • 前身:过渡妇女中心 

2018年2月,密歇根州家庭暴力和性暴力 Prevention and Treatment Board through the Campus Sexual Assault workgroup convened by Sue Snyder in 2017, released the following 校园性侵幸存者资源手册. Updated and 更多资料请浏览 http://www.michigan.gov/CampusSexualAssault.

Campus Security Policies & Crime Statistics

The Annual 保安及消防安全报告 包括犯罪统计,火灾 统计、安全和安保政策.

The Department of Public Safety maintains a daily crime log for criminal incidents reported to the department on Clery designated 所有GVSU校区的财产. 犯罪记录可以亲自查看 during normal business hours at the 大峡谷警察局 (1011服务大楼(SER) on the Allendale Campus), or a printed copy will be provided upon request by contacting the Grand Valley 公共安全部,电话:(616)331-3255. 

This resource is maintained in compliance with State of Michigan campus safety transparency reporting requirements, 根据2023年的PA 103, Section 241a(5) of the Fiscal Year 2024 higher education appropriations act.